Old Age Home Visit

 Anand Old Age home located at Palghar near Shirgaon village was visited on 08/8/2015. There were 55 students along

with NSS program officer, Mr. Sachin Urade and Prof. Pallavi Srivastava ( MMS First year co-ordinator ).The purpose of this

activity was to educate students about present day social problems and the role of NGO to overcome these problems.


On reaching the Old Age Home, first, all students gathered in the Prayer Room of Anand Vruddhashram. There were 17

oldage people with MMS first year students . The promoter, Mrs. Manisha Kotak gave a brief orientation about Anand

Vruddhashram. She spoke, on how they started Old Age Home in rural set up and their contribution to the Old Age Home.

Then the students’ volunteers interacted with all the old age people. Some of the Senior citizens also shared their

pastprofessional experience. After brief interaction with the residents and NSS volunteers, a prayer was offered in the

temple.NSS volunteers also contributed various articles to the residents in the form of Gifts as a token of love and affection.


There was a smile on everyone’s face and the visit may be remembered as a memorable one.